Salted Caramel and Banana Loaf

saltedcaramelbread3salted caramel

This cake was deceptively easy to make, and if I may say so myself, quite genius. The salted caramel adds a little spark to a banana loaf delicious in it’s own right. My boyfriend has already nearly eaten the whole loaf, and if he attempts to eat anymore I may have to fend him of with one of my JosephJoseph knives…which are great by the way.
I’ve halved the quantity of salted caramel I made, however if you want to make more it will keep in a sealed contained in the fridge for several days. It works well as a sauce over any desert.

For the cake
100g unsalted butter
250 g self raising flour
3 eggs
2 bananas
150g caster sugar
squeeze of lemon juice
tablespoon of natural yoghurt
For the salted caramel
100g light brown soft sugar
45g unsalted butter
~50ml double cream
1/2 teaspoon of fine table salt
pecans to decorate

salted1. The first thing to do is line a loaf-shaped tin with a greasing of butter, dusting of flour and a base of baking parchment. The baking parchment is not essential, but if you don’t use it, make sure you grease the corners well as it is a moist cake. Preheat the oven to 180•C.
2. Cream the butter and sugar together until lighter in colour and smooth in texture. Add the eggs, one at a time. Add flour bit by bit as you add the eggs to stop the mixture curdling. Mix well until the 3 eggs and all the flour is well incorporated.
3. Add one tablespoon of natural yoghurt and a squeeze of lemon juice to the mix.
4. Chop the two bananas into segments, then mash in a separate bowl until a baby-food-esque, pulp like texture. Tip into the cake mixture and stir well.
5. Spoon the cake mix into the lined tin. It should be a relatively heavy, lumpy batter. Bake for approximately 45 minutes. Watch for when the cake starts to brown on the top, at this point give the cake a tin-foil hat and turn the oven temperature down to 160•C. The cake is done when an inserted skewer comes out almost clean. You shouldn’t wait until the skewer is completely clean, because this means the cake is over baked and dry. A banana cake should keep a little moistness inside.
6. Let the cake cool completely

saltedcaramelbread1 saltedcaramel4

7. To make the caramel sauce, heat a pan over high-medium heat. Cube the butter, and add this and the sugar to the pan. Stir constantly as the butter and sugar dissolve being careful the sugar doesn’t burn.
8. Once dissolved and golden in colour, add the cream and salt. Lower the temperature slightly and continue to stir for about 2 minutes until a glossy texture.
9. Once the salted caramel has cooled slightly, drizzle thickly over the top of the loaf and leave to set.
10. Sprinkle pecans over the top if you like.



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